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What you want from your career and how best to achieve it?
What are your transferable skills and how can you market them?
What options are available to you and how to evaluate them?
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How to get your CV right and to reflect your skills?
How to market yourself in today's competitive job market?
How to prepare for an interview with techniques to get the job?
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In the right job?   Returning to work?   Made redundant?   Change of direction?
After a successful career to date, are you questioning where it is going or whether you are in the right place and doing the right thing?   Are you looking to return to work and get your career moving again after an absence for maternity, paternity or just taking an extended career break?   Have you suddenly found yourself out of work and are looking for help dealing with all the issues that has raised and to get your career back on track?   Are you just considering a change in direction and want to explore other possible routes in more detail and whether they will be suitable for you?
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